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Myung Galerie

Korean Organic ceramic plate

Korean Organic ceramic plate Organic Glazed Ceramic Plate, Ceramic Dishes
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4 Sets of Korean Plates, Dark Blue
Celadon Plate with Flower
Cerami white Plate.
ceramic Ceradon Plate with Flower
Ceramic plate, Beige with floral
Ceramic Plate, Celadon Green
Ceramic Plate, lLight cream
Ceramic Plates. Floral Deco.
Ceramic Rectangular Plate
Ceramic soupplate, white, fish Deco
Ceramic square plate, Orange,Brown
Ceramic white Plate
Korean traditional Ceramic Plate.
Large ceramic Plate, Honey Moon
Large Plat with Winter Plum Deco.
Large Plate with 2 Sparrows Deco.
Large Plate with Flowers Deco.
Large Plate with Lotus flowers
Large Plate with Pomegranate
Show 1 to 20 (of in total 39 products)